Monday, June 9, 2014

[OOTD 6.9.14] Going Formal

Dressing formally is always fun because it makes me feel elegant and all that jazz but I don't do it very often since all I do is go to school or lounge at home. A few days ago, there was a formal presentation I had to do, so I went all out. 

The bright color blazer brings out color and adds a more business formal feel.

I chose to wear oxfords even though I would totally go for heels but because I'm already very tall (5"7) and I have height complex, I've never really worn heels outside of my house.

I had a debate with my sister whether I should wear the pink blazer that totally pops or the nude color blazer that kind of blends in and matches with my shoes. I wanted to wear the nude blazer because I don't like too much attention with my bright color but the nude blazer is just way too big for me and it makes me look too unflattering. If they were the same size, which one would you choose?

Pink Blazer - Target
Dress - H&M
Oxfords - Forever 21

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