Monday, April 29, 2013

[DIY Tips/Tutorial] Matryoshka Hoodie

1. Find a scratch paper or just paper, ANY PAPER IS FINE. Ok now put it on top of your hoodie that has been folded in half and placed on a flat surface. Sketch where you want the the designs to be on the paper. (I used a reference for this so you can do that if you want) When you're happy with it, cut it out and place it on the hoodie. NOW CRY OVER HOW MISSHAPED IT ACTUALLY IS AND HOW IT REALLY IS NOT THE RIGHT SIZE-- ok no, if you don't like it, redraw, cut, repeat, until you're satisfy. 

2. Once you're satisfied with the design, grab another paper or card stock paper or whatever you have on hand. Put the cut out pieces onto the new paper, making sure they are where you want them to be, and trace it out. I suggest doing it with pencil first, then trace is again with a sharpie. You know, just in case.

3. a.Cut out the shape again. Now you can use this on the hoodie so you can just slap down paints all you want. 8)
    b. GET YOUR BLACK ACRYLIC PAINT. YEY Time for the fun painting part. Place the template onto the hoodie tape it down if necessary. Use a huge brush or a sponge brush thing, and just paint it in completely. Wait for 10-20 minutes and put on a second coat. 
    c. After the second coat is dry, take off the template. Find a small brush and use it to fix any edges, or spots that you've missed. Also remember, to draw the dots around the eyes.

4. a. Wait for maybe 30 minutes for the black paint to COMPLETELY DRY for this step because you don't want your white paint to turn gray. Use another small brush with white acrylic paint and draw the teeth. You can draw them however you like. Straight, crooked, sharp, round, really anything is fine. Then draw the white ring inside the eyes. I made it about a quarter inch wide.
    b. Wait 10-20 minutes and put on a second coat. Repeat if more coats needs to be put on.

5. FINAL RESULT. Wait for one side to completely dry before turning it around to do the other side. I actually waited overnight. (Because I got lazy lol)

TADA I hope this help anyone who is interested in making this matryoshka hoodie design. I think using fabric paint will give a better result, I'll have to try that next time, with the RIGHT COLOUR SWEATER ugh.

If anyone is interested in using my template you can download it here.