Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blog Plan

A friend of mine has recently reminded me of this blog's existence. I realized that after I had made this blog, I have done absolutely nothing, so I thought I should write out a plan to help me organize my thoughts on what to do with this blog.

I will start with:

  • Fashion - either OOTD's or just things I've been interested in
  • Product reviews - mostly beauty products probably, and maybe just hauls
  • Food - Recipes?? Or just pictures of really good food hahha.
  • Cosplay Progress - I've always been interested in cosplay but I haven't really been doing much. But when I do, I'll be sure to post some progress.
  • Life - What's a blog without journal entries hahaha. I want to start training myself to notice things in life and be able to write about it, so this could be a start.
I think this is about it and I should make this my 2014 New Year Resolution. Wish me luck !! ;3;

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